Restoring balance in the carbon cycle and reversing global warming by removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

Despite best efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the past few decades, the world remains on track to warm well beyond safe thresholds.

Current levels of policy action and investment in ways of cutting emissions aren't doing enough. More needs to be done. However, concentrations of largely carbon-based greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are already too high. 

In addition to deep cuts in emissions, adaptation and systemic sustainable development, the world must restore carbon sinks, and explore methods of extracting excess greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Actively drawing down carbon from the atmosphere must start as soon as possible. As the techniques begin to scale, they must do so sustainably. Carbon removal must also help (and must not hinder) emissions reduction. The climate maths cannot be cheated.


Who We Are

A network dedicated to advancing constructive dialogues and collective action in carbon removal

We are a community of people who are coming together in our shared view that, as a global society, we must re-establish balance in the carbon cycle: removing carbon from the atmosphere, and reversing a root cause of current climate change.

We believe there is now a critical mass of engaged people, emerging and maturing approaches and a willingness and urgency to go beyond our existing frameworks of climate change mitigation and adaption to explore new visions and take new actions towards restoration.

We want to act as a catalyst, hub and rallying point to raise awareness of carbon removal,  facilitate constructive discourse and stimulate real progress against our mission.

Our network is comprised of a diverse group of people: innovators, leaders, investors, students, policy makers, academics, designers and storytellers. Our approach is inclusive, participatory and mission driven.


Our Mission

To engage in a participatory and inclusive approach to advance the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere


News and Events

Network Event - London 01 October 2019

The Carbon Removal Network is hosting its second meet up on 01 October at the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Following our first meet up in February 2019, this event will highlight the progress we have made against a number of activities and give you the opportunity to hear from and connect with leading innovators in the field.

White Paper

This white paper explores the opportunity for a new, UK-based organisation with a mission to advance carbon removal in the emerging and shared worldwide pursuit of slowing, halting and reversing a root cause of global warming on human-relevant timescales.

We briefly outline the current climate change landscape and need for carbon removal, identify specific barriers hindering the scaling up of carbon removal techniques, and outline a 'UK Centre for Carbon Removal (UKCCR)' as a vehicle to lead the development and delivery of the capabilities required to overcome these barriers.



A thriving network relies on engaged members and strong relationships.

We invite you to join our community by signing up to our mailing list. We will use this channel to invite you to join us at future events, to contribute to the evolution of this ecosystem, and help pursue our mission.